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Our roving magic service is an unforgettable unique, magical experience that is fun for the whole family. Whether your guests are seated or standing, our interactive roaming character will mingle and mesmerize, leaving your attendees astonished at every turn as the magic will unfold right before their eyes and in their hands!

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Walk-Around Magic

Perfect for festivals, banquets, grand openings, weddings, restaurants, or any community event.

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30 Minutes

a.k.a. Presto Gram

A Presto Gram is a short burst comedy magic show as any of our characters!  With lots of audience participation and amazing visual illusions, everyone in attendance is guaranteed to have an amazing time. Prestograms require no set-up and is easily used as a surprise pop in to any event.


FOR BIRTHDAYS: Presto-Grams include our special No Sleeves Magic Birthday Song, all different forms of magic, and a very special moment of the show featuring the Birthday Boy or Girl! No Limit on number of guests.

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Mini Magic Show


60 Minutes

a.k.a. Dazzle Deluxe

The Dazzle Deluxe is a comedy magic theater show complete with even more slapstick, larger illusions, and audience participation. Let us bring our set and story to you! 

FOR BIRTHDAYS: The birthday child is the star and will be presented with a special gift. Plus, everyone will receive souvenirs and a special secret word that will unlock a trick the can learn online from one of our characters. No Limit on number of guests.

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Deluxe Magic Show


90 Minutes

The Mega Magic Extravanga includes everything in the deluxe package PLUS magic tricks, themed games and prizes for everyone, all done by the hilarious character in your show.


FOR BIRTHDAYS: Bring the cake and we’ll take care of the rest!  This is slam dunk if you don’t want to do any more planning! This is a party your child will never forget!

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Mega Magic Package

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45-60 Minutes

Make your next School Assembly or Library Show one of the most talked about for years! We have traveled and tested our productions in front of thousands of adults and children across the USA. The unique formula that makes our performances successful is the hilarious blend of theatre, storytelling and magic. Our shows provide students with a magical adventure that isn’t just wildly fun, but can also be educational. We can easily incorporate and encourage your school initiatives of READING, SCIENCE, VALUES, STATE TESTING STRATEGIES, and much more!

Our Magic Show Workshops are another great option IN or AFTER SCHOOL!

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School Assembly / Library


60-90 Minutes

Our Wonder Workshops are filled with Illusions and visual magic demonstrations that are designed to excite, engage and even educate! 
Kids not only love seeing these tricks performed, but they are pumped to discover the secrets to how everything works!
We provide the tricks, lessons, and personal instruction on how to perform the magic so when they take it home, they’ll dazzle family and friends!


Materials for the workshops can vary between everyday objects, actual magic props and even TOP-Secret File Folders that reinforce everything taught, PLUS has extra tricks, games and challenges!

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Wonder Workshops

Perfect for Scouts, Schools, Enrichment Programs, Summer Camps, Libraries and more!

Children will learn the power of using positive words. This helps children focus on kindness, foster empathy and empowers them discover the magical effects of using our "Magic Power Words."

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The Magic Acts Workshop teaches kids to S.M.I.L.E.

-Stand up Straight.

-Make Eye Contact.

-Introduce Yourself.

-Listen Carefully.

-Exceed Expectations.

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An awesome introduction into the mysterious world of learning, performing and sharing magic with others. This workshop is totally customizable to fit the needs of your program, while at the same time capturing the attention of your kids!

Multiple Themed
Workshops Available

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Students will learn that THEY ARE THE MAGIC! As the workshop unfolds several kids are brought on stage and to their amazement, they perform all the magic on their own…NOT THE PERFORMER! The goal is to build confidence in students to believe in themselves and that they can do anything.

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Focuses on Having FUN, THINKING OF OTHERS and ALWAYS BEING READY. Your troop will not only learn how to perform magic tricks with everyday items, but more importantly how to interact with others. 

     BONUS: Includes Iron On Magic

     Patch that actually does a trick!

Multiple Themed
Workshops Available

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Children will discover how magic can be found in Math, Science, Art, History and More! While also learning what magic really is and how they can perform to their friends and family.

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Amazing Magic
Magic For Scouts
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10-15 Minutes

Kick off your next gathering and set the tone by allowing us to get everyone’s attention, opening your event with magic!  Our presentations are a wonderful way to start off any event whether in person, or virtually!  OR
Finish your celebration strong by letting us end things with a bang. We guaranteed to leave them wanting more and can even wrap up your message in an amazing visual way!

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Event Opener / Closer


Need someone to make sure your event goes off without a hitch? Our experts specialize in creating a refreshing atmosphere for the audience using our comedy and magic skills. Leave it to us to capture everyone’s attention right from the start, ensure transitions go smoothly, the schedule runs on time, and your message is conveyed correctly. Your guests will be impressed, and the vision for your event will exceed your expectations. That’s magic!

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Event Host (MC)


We make our balloons, fast, fun, and easy! No large lines here! Our interactive Balloon Twister will keep things moving while telling jokes, engaging with kids and adding lots of color to your celebrations with our rapid balloon animals and objects. Unlimited balloons, done in character, and made in under 30 seconds! Our balloons are a flawless addition to any one of our magical services.

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Balloon Twister

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