If you want to give your children one of the craziest parties they will never forget, just take a RUN on the Wacky-Side with No Sleeves Magic. We provide an adrenaline rush of interactive Magic mixed with slapstick, music, gymnastics and even a live animal appearance, depending on which one of our many performances you choose. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself while we bring the festivities!


Party-Grams are a 15-20-minute short burst comedy surprise magic show as any of our characters!  With lots of audience participation and amazing visual illusions, everyone in attendance is guaranteed to have an amazing time. A Party-Gram includes our very special No Sleeves Magic Birthday Song, all different forms of magic, and a very special moment of the show featuring The Birthday Boy or Girl! Every child will receive a FREE magic souvenir!  High fives and pictures are always included and there is NEVER a limit on the amount guests you’d like to have.

Deluxe Package (Most Popular):

The Deluxe Package includes a 45 minute comedy magic theater show with even more slapstick, magic, and audience participation.  Let us bring our set and story to you!  The birthday child is the star and will be presented with a special gift from No Sleeves Magic. Every child will receive a FREE magic souvenir and there are some extra special themed items just for the special boy or girl.  High fives and pictures are always included and there is NEVER a limit on the amount guests you’d like to have.  We have FOUR different shows to choose from!

Perfect Party Package:

The Perfect Party Package includes everything in the deluxe package PLUS prizes, magic tricks, and games for everyone, all done by the character(s) in the show. Basically, all you have to do is bring the food and paper products, and we’ll take care of the rest!  This TWO HOUR extravaganza is a sure slam dunk and a party your child will never forget!


Themed Goodie Bags:
  Save time & money. Take the thought process and the work out of what you’ll give the kids coming to the party as a thank you. These bags are filled with toys, tricks, stickers and more!

Party Themed Piñata: 
 Comes with everything you need. Filled with over 100 pieces of candy.

Private Lessons:
  If your child is really into magic allow us to give him a gift certificate at the end of the show saying that we’ll be back to teach him the secrets on how to perform some magic of their own. Private lessons are 1hr. and can be set-up on an alternate date.

The party was a tremendous success and the kids LOVED it! Even the parents said it was the best birthday they had ever been too!

~ Wendy DuBose...Parent