No Sleeves Magic Camp is a Christian company and was founded on the love for children and the desire to encourage them to express their unique individuality. The variety of techniques and entertainment that we provide is the driving force in creating a fun environment for building character, self-esteem, and the social skills that are essential in the world today. We love the fact that magic can pull children away from the television and challenge them to use their problem solving skills to figure out the secrets.

Many elements of magic incorporate science and math, which makes performing illusions both educational and entertaining. Our goal at No Sleeves Magic Camp is to create an atmosphere that lets kids be kids.  From our carefully chosen counselors to the crazy activities of our program, No Sleeves Magic Camp strives to accelerate the summer camp experience to higher standards.


At some of our locations we dedicate a portion of the day to teaching the children a Biblical virtue through a magic trick or story. To find out which locations incorporate these values look for the † symbol in the FAQ or Registration section or feel free to call us as some of our locations are not listed on our website.